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Trevor Court



Role: Coach
Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts in Sports Science
Honours in Exercise Science
NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist)
Basic Life Support. Academy of Emergency Medical Training
Hydrotherapy. Presented by Des Humphry and Ingrid Price
Strapping Course. Health and Fitness Professionals Association
Sports Massage. Health and Fitness Professionals Association
Affiliated to NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association)
Level One: Balance and Proprioception workshops
Profile: I was always involved in sport during my schooling career. In matric my school started to enter triathlons as a team, and that's how I started to get involved in cycling. From there I grew a passion for cycling and always tried to see how hard and how far I could ride my bicycle. After high school I worked at an outdoor leadership training centre called Spirit of Adventure for 1 year where we did outdoor activities with groups ranging from schools through to corporate businesses. After my year at Spirit of Adventure I put aside the mountain bike and bought myself a road bike. In 2007 I started studying Sports Science at the University of KwaZulu Natal. My studies and cycling went hand in hand because I started applying everything I learnt into my training. During my first year of studies I reluctantly started track cycling. In 2008 I achieved 2nd place in the KZN Elite track league, and I started to realise why I was doing certain training and how it benefited me on a physiological basis. In 2009 I achieved 1st place in both the KZN Elite track league and under 23 road league. I also got my provincial colours for track cycling and was named under 23 cyclist of the year in KZN.

During my Sports Science degree I did a little bit of personal training and coached soccer at a junior school. After my degree in Sports Science I decided to do Honours in Exercise Science. During my Exercise Science year I did a lot of coaching with some young riders on the track, and helped them with their training programs. In 2010 I came 3rd in the KZN Elite track league and was selected for the interprovincial track team. I moved up to Johannesburg in April 2011 and started working at Activeworx. Working at Activeworx gives me the opportunity to do something that I'm interested in and love doing.
Coaching Philosophy: Anything and everything is possible, it's just how badly you want to succeed. "Carpe diem" seize the day.
Favorite Quote: "Training doesn't get easier, you just get faster" Greg Lemond